Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Slow Saturday

The YFG had a sleepover here last night with her friend, H, and I am told that they were watching a film until well past midnight, but I was fast asleep just after 10pm. I woke early at 5.30 but noted the time and dropped off again - with the blissful feeling of being able to snuggle down for another couple of hours. I eventually woke up and lay reading for another half an hour, before deciding that I really had to get up at 8.30 as the hens would be getting restless!!

The girls had pancakes for breakfast for a treat, and then they packed the bedding away from where they had slept on the lounge floor, and they disappeared outside to play. I pootled around for a couple of hours, doing odd jobs, and then at around 1.30pm, we went out to lunch in Huntingdon. Unfortunately, I had lemonade and not a lot else as the pub chain has changed the menu and the safe salad I used to have there is no more.....I could have asked them to concoct it, as the ingredients were all there in other dishes, but I just wasn't that hungry.

We came home, and there was a torrential downpour this afternoon, so we watched from the verandah as the water fell out of the sky in stair-rods! It has dried up now, but the ground was very muddy earlier on. By 7pm, I was just getting into my stride - better late than never - and I cleaned out three chicken houses, and orchestrated some moving of chickens from one house to another: the second bunch of growers who were on the lawn are now in the chicken shed, with a run; the youngest group who were in the lounge are also in the chicken shed, but without outside access yet, as they are too young. This means that all the pens in the shed are now in use - it is full up!! And the FH has got the electricity installed as well - so there is light!!

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