Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday flop!

It's a flop of exhaustion, not a disaster of any kind! This week has been so much fun one way or another, but such hard work that I am glad that it is Friday night and I can flop out and not worry about going anywhere or doing anything at a particular time tomorrow - there is no schedule to follow and I can relax a little!

Yesterday we had a Taster Session at gym for about 27 brand new kids, who just came along for an hour to see what we do and have a go. It was good, but it was manic, and I got landed with all the really little kids - the 4 and 5 year olds. They were seriously hard work, but quite rewarding to work with. They have such short attention spans that they really kept me on my toes in order to keep them all engaged and listening. About 15 of the kids' parents said that they would like to sign their kids up for the new term in September, so I count that as successful - and more people have been looking at the website these past two days than have ever looked at it before, so I guess that yesterday sparked some interest.

Today has been the YFG's 11th birthday. We took some cake and snacks to gym and had a little party at the end of the session, which was excellent. The kids have been really well behaved all week, and they were brilliant today. The YFG asked for a new phone and an iPod for her birthday, which she has received, and I also added in a large bar of chocolate. Her friends have given her stationery, nail varnish, Maltesers and lots of cards. Relatives have sent her money, and our new neighbours very kindly gave her a giftcard for Tesco. She has invited her friend, H, here for a sleepover tonight. We were going to go to Sheringham tomorrow but the weather is dire at the moment and we didn't fancy mooching around Sheringham in the rain, so we have postponed that, and we are just going to go out for a meal together at a very reasonable restaurant in Huntingdon tomorrow.

The EFG's birthday is next Saturday, so I've got to complete the shopping for that this week. She also wants a new phone!

The lawn is loving the rain as it is helping it to recover from all the really dry weather we had, but the rain is making the chicken runs very muddy - I expect it in November but not in August. I'll have to do some digging tomorrow for them, and perhaps put some straw down as well to help them keep their feet a little more dry.

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