Thursday, 26 August 2010

You've been framed!

I don't know what the payout is for sending in clips to the tv programme these days, but I would have earned some money yesterday if I had had the camcorder running to video the FH tripping on uneven ground on the lawn, putting his arm out to save himself and ending up with his arm in the paddling pool up to the shoulder, which then pressed down on the pool and released some water over the top to thoroughly wet his leg as well. The F word was heard several times about the rabbits (they dug the holes which made the ground a bit bumpy), the pool (of course) and the chickens (he was helping me to herd a couple of them into their house). After realising that he was OK, I couldn't do any more than stand there in hysterical laughter, tears rolling down my face!! He had to come into the house, have a shower and get a change of clothes, poor man!!

Today has been another rainy day here in East Anglia - the chickens' runs are now beginning to look like paddy fields, the grass is looking very lush indeed and the weather man tonight has said that today has been the coldest August day for 40 years.

However, we haven't let it get us down. This morning the YFG had a quick check up at the optician as her muscles are getting lazy in her eyes so he wanted to see if they were improving - she is supposed to have been doing some exercises to help them. I knew little about this until last night - I asked him to explain them to me today so she will be doing them properly now. We have to go back for another check up in 6 months, although sooner if the headaches come back.

After a quick lunch, we all travelled to Burwell, about an hour away. There is a museum of Fen-edge village life there; we have been there before but about 4 or 5 years ago with a home-education group. It hasn't changed an awful lot, but I will blog about it properly tomorrow with some photos, I hope.

Tomorrow is another busy day - shopping for trousers for the EFG, picking up her friend to come over for a couple of hours, picking up a gym folder from the HC, the YFG's friend (hopefully) coming for a sleepover, and me finishing the massive tidy-up of the office. There's floor in here now!! I also want to get a mountain of ironing done as well before the weekend...

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