Saturday, 28 August 2010

Community fun

We have had a very enjoyable evening with neighbours and friends on the estate's green space, sharing a barbeque. The weather looked dubious to start with, and we helped to put up a fairly large gazebo (a Gala tent - sturdier than your average gazebo) so that we would have some shelter if it did rain, but the weather held off and some rather black clouds just blew over! Then, later on, we saw a beautiful sunset as the sun sank amidst the few clouds scattered across a deep blue sky. The YFG played tennis with some of the neighbours, and they both rode their bikes around with some of the other children on their go-karts, and generally had a lot of fun. Someone brought along some fab luminous balloons, which were blown up later on, once the darkness had dropped in.

Good memories made tonight.

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