Friday, 6 August 2010

Rain in the Fens

These are the pirates' "Pieces of Eight" some of which are hidden around the room each day for the teams to find and then arrange in the right order. The children don't seem to realise that in doing so five times, they are actually learning a memory verse. Philippians 3:8 is the verse around which the whole Holiday Club is centred.
(click on the photo to enlarge so that you can read the verse on the coins)

If it wasn't that the wind has been so warm today, one could have been forgiven for thinking that it was October already! I really don't know where the summer has gone - the weather forecasters tell us that the "summer" we had in May and June was because the jetstream was being pushed north of us, allowing highs to come in, but now the jetstream has sunk to cover the UK, we are getting wet low after wet low off the Atlantic. What's the betting that the new term in September will bring an Indian Summer again, and we'll all be basking in early Autumn sunshine. My birthday is in September so maybe we can have a BBQ then!!

The Landlubbers have had a busy day today, making a board game of their own invention based on a map of the island. They made counters, and dice, and we laminated the maps to make them a little more durable. There was much "Heave-ho-ing" and "Yo-ho-ing" too, games played, songs sung, prayers prayed, and the play applauded again. The young actresses and actor are doing a grand job - some of them have even learned their lines.

This afternoon, after a long lunch break, I had to go to town to pick up some new T-shirts for the coaches at gym, to retrieve my sewing machine from a friend who borrowed it to alter a dress, to return a packet of ham to Sainsbury's that had started to blow up (so we chucked the ham as instructed and just returned the packet for a refund, with the receipt) and to go to the library, where I have stocked up again. I do seem to be getting through the books at a good rate - I wonder whether my late night reading sessions are having any bearing on my tiredness!?!

On our return, I had a little nap! It was then 7pm before I dispatched the girls to go and feed the hens and collect the eggs whilst I rustled up some instant food. Some people would have had takeaway, but we do instant food on a night like this - Fray Bentos pie from a tin, Smash and beans! Three meals for less than £2.50, and I ate leftovers from last night at lunchtime so I didn't want much myself so I've just had a cup of tea and a cake.

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