Sunday, 1 August 2010

Special Sundays

Just lately Sundays have been a day for entertaining visitors, and today has been no different: UJ has been here for tea, to share in roast goose.

My fellow worship leader and I led the service at chapel this morning, and then we had a general chatting time of fellowship after the service as we usually do, so we were there until about 11.15am. One of the older ladies needed a carrot cake recipe, and some eggs, so I photocopied my favourite recipe and nipped back up to the village with those for her. I wonder what her cake turned out like as she was going to substitute the raisins for cherries - I am not sure about that flavour combination, but she only has herself to please, so perhaps she likes it.

This afternoon, the FH and I sat in companionable silence for a while as I read another Annie Sanders book from the library and he had a snooze. He had done a little work on the chicken emporium, but had had enough for one day. UJ turned up at about 2.30pm with new potatoes, new carrots (I wish someone would bottle the smell of fresh dug new carrots!) and plums so the FH set to and prepped the plums for the freezer, scraped some potatoes and carrots for tea and peeled apples for apple sauce too. We put the goose in the oven on a rack and had to empty the fat from the pan three times, as so much had drained from the goose as it was cooking.

The YFG had a busy afternoon playing with various friends from neighbouring houses, so I had to round her up at 7pm, and then we ate. I don't think that I like goose so much that I would buy one, but having one donated made a nice change. The meat is quite strong and dark so it has a distinct flavour - but the girls cleared their plates, so they must have approved! To follow, I made a treat: jam roly poly made with plum jam and served with soya cream. That disappeared quite quickly!

This evening, the FH, UJ and the YFG have watched the European Athletics and then The Transporter, whoever he is, and the EFG joined me in the conservatory to watch Sherlock. I hadn't watched the first episode last week, and she begged me to watch it with her this week; I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is, but I couldn't help remembering the actor who played Dr Watson for his role in Love Actually - at least in Sherlock, he keeps his clothes on!!

The hens must approve of their new house as the egg laying has improved considerably amongst the Light Sussex, but we must get the finishing touches in place as some of the pens are still short on perches, and the nest boxes have straw but really need some shavings in the bottom to give the eggs a softer landing as I have had a couple which are cracked at the end where they have been expelled onto the bottom of the nestbox.

Birthdays are looming - the YFG next Friday and then the EFG the Saturday afterwards - present lists are beginning to appear!!

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