Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Fens in photos

Above we have the Colonel and his ladies - well, 4 out of 5 of his ladies, anyway!

Now we have some of the young GPO chicks who are out in the new shed along with some Brown Sussex youngsters, all growing up together. The feathers have begun to change on the GPOs and I think that I have three cockerels and three hens. It's a bit too soon for my novice eye to sort the Brown Sussex out just yet.

You'd think these guys were posing for me but it is just a lucky shot of the five of them together like this. These are the GPO parent stock, almost a year old now as they were hatched late last August.

Here's my beautiful Lancelot, posing with a wife in the background. He gets more lovely each day - and yes, I am soppy over a cockerel but he IS gorgeous - and so sensible!

My "new" potting shed - interior above and exterior below. The FH has worked hard for several days on this, and has done a grand job - we are both very pleased with how it has turned out. The bikes and lawn mower will be going in there too.

Cherry tomatoes are flourishing - we can't eat them fast enough - but they are delicious.

The courgettes keep producing - and we are eating them daily.

Some of the latest hatch, still living in the lounge - lamps are on only at night now. This is the box we dowsed as female and there is Tarquetta, the blonde one.

My American Vanilla Cupcakes, with their secret ingredient, courgettes! From the Chocolate Heartache book by Harry someone or other - lovely cakes - bad for the diet though!!

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