Sunday, 8 August 2010


One of the GPOs has put paid to the GPO breeding for the year today - she sneaked under the wire into the next-door run, had a rendezvous with the Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel and then went back to her own cockerel's pen.......she'll be fertile by the SLW for a month, and although the FH saw the whole thing, he can't tell which GPO she was, so we will have keep any eggs from them from today onwards out of the incubators. Ho Hum! By the time the month is up, it'll be too late to incubate any more......

I have been researching my Brussbar plans some more today, and boy, is it hard work!?! Apparently, someone somewhere actually has a flock of these, but won't let any be sold. I'm now wondering if I could at least find out who he is, then I could ask some advice.

Apart from that, we have been to chapel this morning for the service to celebrate the Holiday Club. We had a cake made with the Landlubbers logo on the top of it, and it was enjoyed by all the congregation after the service. We also announced this morning that we will be having a chapel outing later in the month, and there was a positive response to that straight away. It is only a picnic in a park at Ely, weather permitting, but I am sure we will all enjoy it. Between now and then we'll just be praying for a nice, sunny day.

The FH has been busy this afternoon, having a snooze, then doing some tidying up, and now watching James Bond in "Live and Let Die", one of his favourite Bond films. He can't understand how I can read a book time and time again and still get something new from it each time, but he can watch re-runs of films time after time and still enjoy them. I think it is because he often dozes off, so he probably catches a bit he missed last time, which keeps it fresh for him!!

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