Monday, 30 August 2010

Flowers everywhere

Today, we picked up the triplets at 10am and then came back home for about an hour as I wasn't quite ready to go out, so they sat with the YFG and did some art - one of them drew some exceptionally good pictures of birds, inspired by a book I gave them to work from. We went out at about 11am, heading north towards Wisbech. We just made it to the outskirts of Wisbech when one of the children, travelling backwards in the boot seats of the Volvo, said she had a headache and felt a bit sick. We stopped and moved them all around, then headed into the town to Asda to buy some Calpol. I phoned their mum to make sure it was ok to give the Calpol, and then we gave her some and she actually perked up quite quickly, thank goodness.

We got to Lutton St Nicholas church, which is over 600 years old, and had a good look around at all the lovely flower arrangements. I took some photos of the flowers and of all the girls, but the photos are now trapped on the camera as the computer wants to reformat the card, which will delete the photos, so I will be taking it to the print shop in town later in the week in the hope that the amazing chap there can rescue them for me!!

A picnic lunch was enjoyed on the grass verge where we parked the car down a lane at the side of the church, and some of the girls had a walk down the road in little groups. When we went back to Asda on the way home, the YFG, EFG and I took a triplet each and we got along very well. I have been very pleased with the way that we have adapted today to being a larger family and getting along - my own two daughters haven't hardly had a cross word all day as they have been engrossed in helping to give the other three a good time! I can't say that I would want to be a mum to 5 girls every day, but it is great to be able to help a friend out now and again. She has almost finished her decorating and is pleased with the progress she has made these past two days.

Tomorrow I haven't got to get started so early as we only have one outing planned and that is roller skating at Downham Market at 4.30pm - the YFG and her friend are going. I haven't warned her yet that the Canadian maple (I think that is what it is!) floor is going to be quite different to skate on compared with the pavement. She is looking forward to going, and at 50p for an hour, I can't complain at the value for money!

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