Sunday, 29 August 2010

Another community eating event!

After the service at church this morning, we stayed at the chapel and played games with the children, who all brought along their favourites! There was a Cluedo tournament going on, some Scrabble, several Connect 4 championships, something new to me called Shut the Door, and lots of fun and laughter. We all had some lunch at about 12 and then carried on until about 2.30pm.

One of our church friends needed some time at home today to finish some decorating - she has had an extension built as a sort of granny annexe for her mother, and it is nearly finished. She desperately needed to get the decorating done before Wednesday when she goes back to work at the school so I took charge of her triplets today at church, and then brought them back here afterwards until 5pm so that she could press on. We are going to take them again tomorrow so I am going to be watching the weather forecast shortly so that I can decide what to do - with 5 girls in tow, it is going to be an interesting day - 3 nine year olds, an eleven year old and a 14 year old.....

The YFG has been asleep on the sofa since 8pm so she must be super-tired, but we are not having too early a start in the morning as I am going to fetch the triplets at 10am. We may not go out immediately: we'll see how ready we are by then!!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

wooah you are an awesome friend offering to take triplets out for the day bless you ! Am sure at 9 they will be more of a joy than a handful lol!
GTM x x