Friday, 27 August 2010

Burwell museum photos from Thursday afternoon

There is a Nissen hut with a room set up like a dormitory for soldiers. There are a couple of beds, and here (above) is one laid out for inspection, I believe. Very tidy and precise!

Now the sign did say "Do Not Touch" but she was fascinated when we told them that before computers, we had to use typewriters - and that they used to be "manual" before electric ones came along.

Lots of tools in the workshop - the FH could identify some of them.

The anvil - I hadn't seen one of these close up since I was at Gretna Green years ago!

The forge - blacksmiths give demonstrations occasionally so this one really does get used now and again! Glad that they have the kettle at the ready for the tea.

Real, old telephones. We had two grey ones in my house when I was a child, and then my grandmother had one of the posher looking cream ones. The girls were interested in how the exchange (below) worked - and the telephones work: four phones each had a number and could call one another - they ring the "old fashioned way".

The telephone exchange - it was interesting to see all the bits whirring and clunking away as the calls we made from one phone to another were connected.

The teacher's desk in the one-room school.

The small woodburning stove in the corner of the schoolroom.

Old fashioned desks with lift up lids. Each pair of desks are joined together.

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