Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The days are rushing past

The end of the holidays always accelerates! It was like this in the last 9 or 10 weeks of each pregnancy - it seemed like it had been ages to wait, but the last few weeks sped past. And now we are entering the last week of the school holiday, and the nerves and worry are beginning to show. The YFG is more and more reluctant to go to bed each evening, finding things to watch on the TV - she is watching Evan Almighty right now - and I can remember the feeling: if I don't go to bed yet, tomorrow won't come so quickly. I have the hindsight to realise that it comes just as fast, whatever time you go to bed, but she is young and doesn't have the years that I have, so I am letting her get through this the way she is choosing. All my reassurances are not having an awful lot of impact, but I am just hoping that within the first half term, she will be able to settle in, make some new friends, find her way around and generally feel OK about secondary school. She is definitely nervous, but kind of excited too.

We have some fun things planned for this last week:
Thursday - an afternoon at a museum near Cambridge in a village - we've been before and it is a great place to spend some time investigating as it is quite a "hands-on" museum - rare these days!
Friday - her friend is coming for a sleepover and the EFG also has a friend coming for a few hours.
Saturday - a community BBQ on the green.
Sunday - a church outing to Ely, picnic and fun - pray for good weather for the weekend!!
Monday - the usual band practise
Tuesday - roller skating in Downham Market with a friend at the leisure centre
Wednesday - a day to relax and make sure everything is in place for
Thursday - our own personal D-day.....

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