Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Chicken developments

'Tis all happening again - there are six little chicks in the brooder box tonight, which have been hatching out since the first emerged last night. There are at least two more in the process of getting out of the shells.

When this hatch is done, there are enough Light Sussex eggs to have a clutch of those in the incubator, and then that will be that for the hatching this year. We have retired the Brown Sussex ladies to their "nunnery" for the next four months to rest and recuperate away from Lancelot, and the other ladies will be moving houses as soon as I get their all-female accommodation sorted out. The BS ladies were the most urgently in need of a rest as Lancelot has become very amorous and one of them has hardly any feathers on her back at all - I shall be looking into a saddle for her for next season, I think. She's obviously the favourite wife and gets most of the attention.

Got to go to bed now - tired!

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