Friday, 27 August 2010

Free range fun

Leah and her four GPO offspring had a fun day out in the yard yesterday, exploring new territory for them! They couldn't quite believe it when I opened the run up and let them out!

Here's "mum" Leah - she's a grand old bird!

Two of the chicks having a little disagreement over something one of them found in the grass - along the lines of, "That's mine!" "I want some!"

Having a quick drink

With a breeze ruffling her tail feathers, Leah poses in this shot. Her 4 chicks are nearly as big as she is - and they will grow a lot bigger than her!


Mrs. Mac said...

You've been busy this summer I see. The chooks are looking fat and happy. I had to google greengage jam ... it sounds so yummy. don't think this plum grows in our area .. but my grandma used to make really good plum jam. My favorite plum is the Santa Rosa .. sweet, juicy, tart, jazzy. Too bad the stores offer such awful plums .. would be nice to have a plum tree for sure.

Poppy's Place said...

Leah and her chicks are lovely. Isn't it nice to see them out free ranging? I'm sorry to read you have been having trouble with a complaining neighbour. Year ago we had a similar problem and it does get you down. It did all sort out in the end though and I'm sure your complainer will get fed up in the end also. Jane xx