Monday, 9 August 2010

Gymnastics holiday club week begins with a bang!

We went to the gym early this morning to set the equipment out. We had decided that today we would use the big trampolines, and a floor area in the big sports hall, instead of all the usual equipment. This would be by way of a "treat" for the gymnasts as they don't often get the chance to use the big trampolines. All was going well - we had the floor area prepared and moved on to setting out the trampolines. I know nothing about trampolines and was just taking instruction from the HC and the Sports Centre Manager. Then the HC lifted a bar and another part of a trampoline fell on to his foot.

The air didn't turn blue, but I am sure he must have been thinking the words in his head, as he was clearly in a lot of pain. A few minutes later he seemed to go into shock as he went very pale, clammy and sweaty, and looked as he would faint at any minute. We got him sitting down, and after about 15 minutes, he recovered from that. The pain in his foot was obviously still there, but he soldiered on and we began the session as the gymnasts had arrived by then. He sat on a chair and gave instructions.

Some time later, the SCM and I convinced him to let the SCM take him to the local minor injuries unit, where they diagnosed a couple of broken bones in his foot, plastered it with a basic plaster construction and made him an appointment at the hospital fracture clinic for tomorrow morning. The SCM brought him back to the gym and I took him home after we had packed up at lunchtime.

After all that drama, I was glad to get home at about 3pm for a sit down and a big mug of tea. The EFG went to one of her friends' houses to watch a DVD, and the YFG went to another friend's to have a water fight - the temperature has been 27 degrees here this afternoon so she got her swimsuit out and had some fun.

This evening has been band practise here, there and everywhere. We came home and I have made the tea and will shortly be heading off to bed as I am quite tired tonight and my legs really ache! I got caught out this morning as I did a different Davina DVD, one I hadn't done before, and it lasted 45 minutes instead of the usual 30, so that put me behind a little this morning, and I don't think I have caught up all day. Tomorrow I am going to have to ask the dentist for an emergency appointment for the YFG as she has chipped her tooth today somehow and is saying that it hurts! Happy days - what will come next?!?

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