Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday torrents

The rain is really coming down again tonight! I was in Downham Market on St Swithin's Day, although I hadn't realised what day it was until one of the ladies in a shop remarked upon it - and it was a damp and drizzly day; she said it would rain for 40 days - she wasn't far wrong!!

I'm not complaining as my grass is much greener than it was a week ago, and it hasn't rained all day - it has only just begun, about 15 minutes ago, and we are finished with our garden work for today. The FH has been busy out there again today, and now he is up a ladder in the kitchen, swearing mildly about the people who installed the kitchen and put a plug in a socket and then installed trunking to the extractor fan, imprisoning the plug in its socket. The fuse appears to have blown in the plug now, as the extractor fan has ceased to work, but it is going to be a Major job to uninstall all the stuff to get the plug out of the socket.......oh dear!

The YFG went to a sleepover last night and only returned at lunchtime; the EFG went to an event in the village hall this afternoon and returned having made a sock puppet. I took the YFG uniform shopping this afternoon, and we came back about £100 lighter of pocket. I'm going to have to stop feeding her for a while so that the uniform fits for a year or two. The EFG needed a new jumper and a new pair of PE shorts, so they were included as well. We also bought some socks! Now I think that all we need to do is visit the school shoe shop and we should be set.

Plans for the rest of the week - the FH has decided to take the girls to Fakenham to have a poke around the market on Thursday, and I am hoping to go to Cambridge on Friday with them, to go to the Fitzwilliam Museum, a big favourite, so fingers crossed that it doesn't rain all day xxxxx.

The latest hatch is due tomorrow in the big blue incubator - but there is a chick out already, cheeping away, sitting on top of some of the other eggs. I hope it will have some mates by morning.

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