Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pirates are getting weary!

One of the clues that the Landlubbers had to solve today - the YFG had great fun "ageing" the paper for me at the weekend. There are several of these clues to solve each day.

The Landlubbers are still having a lot of fun, but I have to say as one of the pirates in charge of the action, I am getting tired!! The daily routine doesn't leave much room for a sit down with a cup of tea to recuperate, and the children are very vociferous in their enjoyment of the holiday club! I am very pleased at how well it is all going, but I will be very glad to go and have a bath and get to bed tonight.

After lunch today I took the girls to Ely, which is some distance but a city we really love to visit. There are some lovely shops there which we love to poke around in, shops that we don't have in our nearby towns - Wilkinsons and the Card Factory for stationery and writing stuff, a bigger WHSmith than we are used to, the market stalls, a great cycle and toy shop, Costas - we don't go in, but I do love to smell the coffee as we walk by! We also made use of the trip to have a look at their Tesco and get the things on the list for this week - as well as some paint for the holiday club as we are running short.

We came home from Ely to find that the FH had almost finished erecting the second-hand shed he was given the other week. 'Tis in need of some minor repairs, but he has it all under control, and has even built me a potting bench along one side. The bikes and the lawn mower will be taking up the other side. A friend got us some free felt (No, not off the back of a lorry!) for the roof, so that will be going on shortly and it will look very respectable.

This evening we had some friends' children here whilst Mum worked and Dad played golf, except that they weren't here very long as Mum's client didn't turn up, which was very frustrating for her. She's a holistic therapist, so people pay each time they come for treatment, but she has had a few people not turning up lately so she has had to start charging them for the missed slots, as she has had to heat her treatment room for them, put her time aside for the appointment and make arrangements for her children with me or her husband. She is now phoning them and telling them that they have to pay half the cost of the treatment, which I think is more than fair.

I've also had the sad news this week of the end of a friend's marriage - this has hit her out of the blue and her husband has moved out within just a couple of days of breaking the news to her. She will clearly be in need of support from all her friends over the coming months. It makes me so upset to hear of yet another relationship which has ended - one of my other friends had something similar happen to her just in May, but that was a mutual thing, so it was slightly different. The FH and I have been together 18 years come October, and I count it as one of my greatest blessings.

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