Wednesday, 1 September 2010

End of an era tonight

It feels like we are teetering on the brink of something here tonight! The YFG has had a bath and gone to bed to study the plan of the school and try to learn it, she says, although she will be asleep by now. I have just sat and sewn the last name tapes into her new uniform, and I have the camera at the ready to take photos in the morning. Primary education is over now for us, and we are moving firmly into a different part of her life, and because she is the last one to move into this new time, we are all moving to a slightly different space.

The EFG and the YFG don't get on terribly well, but the EFG has risen to the "big sis" challenge and made arrangements with her friends to take the YFG to her classroom when they get off the bus in the morning, and to be available for her at lunchtime for a short time if she is needed. It's hard for the elder child as they have to go through all this on their own, but then they are expected to look after the younger child when the experience comes round to them - I was also the elder child so I have been in the position myself. I'm proud of the EFG for her kindness towards her little sister in all of this transition. I am sure that once she has the first few weeks under her belt, it will all become much easier for her.

Today the EFG went to the cinema with her friend, and said friend's dad provided the transport. When the YFG found out that there was a cinema trip in the offing but that it didn't include her, there was a little upset, so she and I and her friend went to see "The Last Airbender" this afternoon. I saw it with the EFG on her birthday, and liked it then - and liked it more this time, so I was happy that we had gone back. I was able to take more notice of the soundtrack this time and I loved it! The poor lady on the ticket booth was rather flustered today and sold me three tickets to some 15 film, so I had to go and get a refund for that and sort the right ones out.

When we returned home, I was delighted to find that the FH had spent the afternoon ironing and had nearly done it all! My hero - I had been dreading that heap for a while - there were a couple of weeks' worth of ironing there; now I just have to sort out whose is whose and put it in the bedrooms!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Good luck to littlest today! Mine are going into their 2nd year in primary,I have never known time to go so fast!
GTM x x x

Morgan said...

Thanks GTM - she's up and dressed, back packed and breakfast eaten already!! 45 mins until they have to go...

Varis Creations said...

Fingers crossed for the YFG today - doesn't time fly!