Saturday, 31 July 2010

Photo festival!

These two photos (above) show the two bigger runs coming out of the back of the new hen house. The Light Sussex crew are in one of them and the young growers are in the other. There have been a few little spats through the wire, but everyone seems to have settled in well. The growers find the leap to get back into the house a little challenging but we have made the sliding door into a temporary ramp for them and that has solved the problem.

These are the baby rabbits born to Alice (named after one of our favourite Twilight characters, Alice Cullen). They are growing well, but we don't know how many of them there are just yet. They are also in the shed in their hutch.

This shows the interior of the shed - it is divided into 8 sections. The little boxes on the floor are the nestboxes - the chooks can access them from their side of the wire and we can flip up the little lid and collect the eggs from our side. The rug is covering a window so that the cockerels don't start crowing too early each morning - it is uncovered during the day to let the air through.

Here are some of the runs on the front of the shed - to the left of the picture is the GPO run, then the SLWyandottes, then the Brown Sussex gang with Lancelot at the helm. The far run on the right is for the three Gold Laced Orp cockerels and the young female.

A melon growing in the greenhouse.

Pepper plants, in the greenhouse again.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse - a lovely variety I shall grow again called Garden Pearl. We are having the most success this year with the cherry varieties such as this one, as well as Sweet Millions and Moneymaker.

The neighbours are enjoying our cucumbers as much as we are - the three Telegraph and three Burpless plants are doing very well and producing loads!

The cucumber plants do look a little like a Triffid attack in the greenhouse, though!!


Poppy's Place said...

Hi Morgan, It all looks fantastic! I can't get over how hard you must have worked. We would love to expand our chicken keeping and you have certainly given us loads of ideas. The tomatoes and cucumbers look great too and melons, my lot would be thrilled if we grew them! Jane xx

Morgan said...

Thanks, Jane. That shed was months in the making - months in the planning, too!! It's not quite finished yet, as I would like little shelters in the runs outside the doors so that in the wild and windy wet winters we are having, I can put the chicken food under cover. They are still being designed in the FH's head....
I'll be thrilled too if that single melon ever gets big enough to eat - fingers crossed that the plants produce another one or two.

It is all a work in progress and the yard is rather scruffy looking at the moment as the FH has huge piles of pallets waiting to be cut up for firewood - I'm sure the neighbours must think of Steptoe and Son regularly!!

Frugal Life UK said...

thanks for the comments on my blog, your garden is bountiful, blessings froogs xxx