Saturday, 30 May 2009

We have been to the caravan which my sister and uncle own near Sheringham in Norfolk for three nights. It is cosy and easy to look after - the girls have one bedroom and we have the other, there is a little kitchen area, a sitting area and a dining table set up near the kitchen. It has all the mod cons you could want, including a freezer and a microwave, and is set in the trees.
Here is the YFG all tucked up in bed in the little bedroom - the beds are slightly narrower than normal so they have to lay still!!

The site is woodland and heath, and there are miles of walks so here is a typical shot of the path through the woodland - it is so peaceful and quiet there that you can really relax!

The caravan we stayed in is on this road in the park, just to the left behind the trees here. There is an pond here which is in an old gravel pit. Various members of my family have had caravans on this particular pitch on this site for about 26 years now, so we have seen some changes come and go. When my sister and I went to the site when we were young, we used to play in the gravel pit, but now it is a lovely conservation pond. My sister actually had her first birthday at this caravan site, but in a touring caravan rather than a static one! It is such a lovely place that I can understand people going back year after year.

This is the pond.

So, we arrived on Tuesday, went to Sheringham on Wednesday, Cromer on Thursday and pootled home yesterday. There were lots of bike rides and walks in the woods each day, and some shopping. We also had a couple of meals out, and fish and chips in Cromer from Mary Jane's - highly recommended!

Yesterday we arrived home, and found that my uncle had been hard at work in the garden, and he has done wonders - thank goodness for him and his kindness and willingness to come and house sit for us. Going away as a family is nigh on impossible when we have so many animals and birds which need care all the time. I think that it has been a pleasant change for him to have a short stay away from home for him too.

This morning, I had washing on the line, several times, and the weather has been fantastic so it has all been dried. I also went to buy canes for my runner beans, which are now planted, and a quick trip to Sainsbury's too. My uncle is coming back tomorrow evening for a BBQ so we can say thanks for looking after everything so well, so I needed a few provisions for that. Our lovely next door neighbour invited the girls and I to a girlie lunch at 1pm, so that was a treat - she forced me (ha!) to drink half a bottle of wine, and I staggered home at 4.30pm after she and I sat and put the world to rights for the afternoon.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Gosh that looks a lovely spot to spend a few days :o) I love the shot of your dd tucked up in the cosy bedroom with her book! so sweet :o)
I am a watering can waterer as well,it does take a long time...up the field it takes a couple of hours...the front flower garden here takes over half an hour,but its lovely, a peacefull thing to do