Saturday, 23 May 2009

Weeks fly by

So much happens in a few days sometimes.

The chicks from the utility room have been rehoused in the workshop in a much bigger pen so that they have more room to move around, and they seem to be enjoying the space. The transition went smoothly, thank goodness, and the best thing is getting rid of the smell from the utility room - poor things couldn't help it but they did pong, even with fresh shavings daily!

The Silver Wyandotte bantam chicks are growing more grey feathers, and looking more gorgeous by the day. Their mum is very intent on showing them how to scratch for food, so as soon as they get let out each morning, she is tearing up the grass looking for morsels to munch on, but the chicks head straight for the chick crumbs before they go to see what she has found.

After school on Wednesday, the EFG and I went to town and fetched our new glasses. Mine felt rather tight so there was some adjustment to do. Both of us are very pleased with them, but as we both have a slightly stronger prescription than we had before, it took a few minutes to adjust to seeing more clearly - somehow life got sharper in those few seconds!

I went out on Thursday and sold a few books so I earned myself a few pounds, which was as well, as I had taken the EFG to WHSmith after the optician as she is looking for the sequel to a book she read ages ago. We didn't find that book, but we found a few others! On Thursday evening, I received a telephone call from one of the other coaches at gym to say that her husband had died that morning. This was a terrible shock for her, as although we had known that he was terminally ill with cancer, it had been expected that he had some months left. Our coach has a 6 year old daughter and is about 16 weeks pregnant, so she is in our prayers and thoughts all the time.

Friday the EFG had to go to school but the YFG's school was closed for staff training, so she had to come out and about with me. First was a return visit to the optician to try the contact lenses. What a palaver - getting them in is OK, but I am not so keen on fishing it out again! He had me put them in twice, get them out twice and then leave them in for a couple of hours. I then drove to Peterborough, but took them out after two hours before I drove home. I'm going to try them for a little longer today, but I only have four pairs to try with, and I have to be wearing a pair when I go back to the optician on the 1st June, so that leaves me three. I would try them for gym this morning, but we have the air track up this weekend, and it dries the air out in the room terribly - I always get a sore throat - so I know that the lenses would probably be quite uncomfortable quite quickly.

This afternoon, after gymnastics, I am hoping that the sunshine we are enjoying right now holds so that I can do some gardening - I have beans to plant out, strawberries to cover with nets, peas to string and tomatoes to pot up. It's lovely to see things coming on in the garden!

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