Monday, 1 June 2009

Happy days

On Saturday evening, the YFG invited a friend to come and stay for the night, which meant that they were twittering away in their room until quite late! On Sunday morning, the EFG and the FH went to church whilst I pootled around here and kept an eye on the girls - they were busy on the trampoline in their pjs most of the morning.

More gardening, more washing and ironing, the same stuff that I have been doing for days - I just did more. It is lovely to see the garden full of growing produce and looking so neat and healthy, and the pleasure I get from a heap of beautifully ironed clothes ready to be put away is just plain silly!

My uncle came over for a late supper BBQ at 7.30 and we ate outside. I fired up the BBQ and set the pork slices and sausages alight, but all in all it was a good meal - lettuce from the garden too.

Today we have had a bit of a hiccup in that I had to fetch the EFG home from school shortly after 10 this morning - she had had a nosebleed for about 90 minutes so I felt that the best place for her was at home on the sofa, with her feet up, plenty to drink and getting some rest - not charging about a PE field in 25 degree heat. She had already missed her Spanish exam, so there wasn't a lot to stay for today. She has been doing some Science workbooks for revision most of the day.

After school, the YFG and I went to the optician. She just had an eye test and I got the all-clear to carry on with the contacts, so I have ordered a pack of 30 pairs (£22) which should be in at the end of the week. This evening, I have been watering the garden as there has been no rain for days, and there is none forecast over the rest of the working week, so the ground here is very dry and my poor plants are suffering. I do not liberally hose everywhere, but I fetch the water by the watering- can-ful and apply it directly to the base of the plants - it takes forever, but it is worth it.

I must do some work on the gymnastics paperwork tomorrow - even if it means going down and sitting in the motorhome away from all the distractions in the house!

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