Monday, 25 May 2009

Two hundredth post!

Can't believe I made it this far!

Yesterday I seem to have spent the whole day in the garden, and today I feel as if I have been filling the washing machine and hanging out washing all day! I have planted dwarf beans out, sowed lettuce seeds, watered everywhere and tidied the house in bits, and now I am going to watch "Britain's Got Talent" whilst I attack a mountain of ironing. I have made two lemon cakes this evening, and instead of hens' eggs, I used 15 quail eggs! They are very orange yolks, so the lemon cakes should come out looking quite rich. They are on the counter cooling, next to a tongue which I have boiled. When it is cool, I can take the skin off it and put it in a tin to press it overnight. The last one we had was delicious, so I hope this one is as good.

We are going to the coast tomorrow until Friday, and my uncle is coming to house sit and look after all the animals and poultry. We'll be leaving at about 10 in the morning, so I am saying Cheerio now, until the end of the week - hope you have a good one!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Hope you are having a great holiday :o) I remember when I first tried my contacts back crikey,heck,I must have been wearing them for 20 years plsu now arg where did that go!!I can pop them in & out willynilyl now lol! at first its such a fiddle but you will get used to it I promise :o)
GTM x x

Morgan said...

Thanks GTM. It IS getting easier and I think that when I get a proper supply and can wear them more, it will be better! Managed about 9 hours on Saturday.