Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesday update

It's late and I can't think of anything more inspiring to entitle this post. Just a couple of things to say: the Buffs are doing well in the utility room, and the broodies are all sitting tight now and I have got everything crossed that they stay like that!

I made the rhubarb pudding last night in the Remoska, and it was very well received. I cooked the rhubarb off with some honey first and then I put the cobbler topping on - which was interesting - made with flour, sugar, margerine, ground almonds, milk and a drop of vanilla essence. It smelled lovely, and the FH ate it in two portions, one yesterday and one tonight. I will be making that again and the substitutions I had to make to the original recipe obviously weren't detrimental. It was supposed to be rhubarb and strawberries, but in our basic English gardens here, the strawberries won't be ready for about another month, so it is not a combination I can do right now. If there is still rhubarb in my uncle's garden by the time the strawberries are ready, maybe we'll try them together. It was also supposed to be served with mascarpone cut with orange juice and sweetened with icing sugar - sounds divine but I hadn't got any mascarpone, and it isn't something I tend to buy. The FH thought it would be good with custard - man of simple tastes!

I spent some time doing some admin this morning and then this afternoon I was working on the log book and lesson plans for the gymnastics coaching exam I am taking in June. At the gym tonight, I was working with some of the girls I will be taking to the exam, so it was focussed and full-on, so consequently I have come home very tired and with a headache!

Tomorrow, the EFG and I are getting our new glasses, so we are looking forward to that trip after school.

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