Thursday, 14 May 2009

Grateful for the rain....

The rain has been wonderful for the garden, and I will have to get out there as soon as I can to remove all the weeds which are springing up now that they have had a soaking. It did rain most of the night, and it has been humid today.

I have had the "indoors" day which I have been needing - ironing, paperwork, packing books, cleaning that bathroom, washing, changing beds, etc - and I am relieved that I have done it for this week. I'm still struggling with housework, but I am getting better at being more willing to get on with it. I did have a minor moan at the FH this morning at having to come home from the school board meeting last night to find all the dishes from dinner still piled up in the kitchen as I had thought that he and the girls could at least have put them in the dishwasher if they didn't want to actually wash them. Anyway, I set to last night and the kitchen was clean before I went to bed - and I love to get up in the morning to a clean and tidy kitchen, so that has become my aim each night, to leave it clean and ready for the morning.

I have made some biscuits and chocolate buns for the coffee morning at church tomorrow but I just need to ice the buns in the morning. I'll be up soon after 6 so there will be plenty of time. Better head off to bed now, so I can catch some sleep - busy day tomorrow: coffee morning from 9-12, optician at 2pm to discuss contact lenses (kids at gym keep knocking my glasses off and it hurts!) and then gym from 3pm through until about 8 or 8.30pm if I am needed at the boys' class.

Must just say that the chicks are now a week old, doing very well - I saw them eat a worm today for the first time (Huge excitement - could just see the poor wee thing thinking, "This is food - but how do I eat it?!?") and they are becoming black and grey instead of black and yellow, so I think that that is their "silver" feathering coming through. It is easy to spend half an hour watching them and not notice the time fly past.....

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