Saturday, 9 May 2009

Crazy children

Usually, my two darling daughters are arguing - they compete for attention and really don't get on terribly well. On occasions, though, they will become close for a couple of days and do things together. Tonight is one such a time - they are keen to spend the night in the garden in the tent! They are out there now, all wrapped up under a mountain of duvets and sleeping bags, with a hot water bottle, playing by the light of a torch. This is not even a "proper" tent but a cheap (£5) Tesco two-person tent, recommended for warm summer nights or playing in the garden, not 7 degree spring nights..... I wonder whether they will last the night!

The chicks are still both alive, eating and drinking, and tucked up for the night now under Leah. I am pleased that she is turning out to be a good mama so far. I have texted the lady near Wisbech who has the Orpingtons and she has some eggs available for my broody hens to sit on. We will be sorting out some suitable maternity accommodation and ordering some eggs this week. Also delighted to report that the greenfly-like thingies on the tomato plants are gone - I sprayed them with the washing up liquid solution so I presume that it did the business.

Tonight there was a Social Evening at church to raise funds. We weren't able to actually attend, due to all the other stuff on the agenda, and the FH still being in dubious health. I did, however, make a chocolate slab cake for the refreshments, and I took a book in as a raffle prize. I bought a couple of strips of raffle tickets so I hope I don't win my book back! I do hope that the evening is successful as the church's finances could do with a boost. We are also holding a coffee morning next week, so there'll be more cakes on the agenda.

They've just come in as they have heard "noises" in the garden. Refilled the hot water bottles and gone again. They are safe in the garden as the big gates are locked and no one actually knows that they are out there - and to be honest, no one will be expecting people to be camping in a back garden in May.

Just got a basket of laundry to fold ready to iron tomorrow, a bit of washing up to do and then I am going to knit for half an hour. I just cast on 50 stitches on Thursday and I am knitting a "square" - maybe if I get enough squares, I will be able to make something. Rhonda Jean has some patterns for squares on her site (Down to Earth) so if I improve, I might try one or two of them. I did make a cardigan in moss stitch once, and I enjoyed that pattern.

Isn't it amazing how you remember things? I dropped off a birthday present to a dear friend of mine last night, and I wanted to be reminded of her mum's name, as she looks after H's boys and I sometimes speak to her on the phone if I call and H has got a day's teaching somewhere. It is embarassing to me that I can't ever remember her mum's name. I knew it was unusual, and pretty, but all I could think of was Guinevere. So H told me, and I was surprised to find that it is Sabina. On the way home, the YFG and I were talking and she said that Sabina rhymes with Ribena, so we can call her the Ribena lady and we will instantly recall that her name is Sabina. Brilliant! Haven't forgotten it yet...

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