Monday, 18 May 2009

Changes in the maternity section

Two of the broodies are sitting "tight" on their eggs, and are no problem. They each have a pot of water as well as one of corn which they are able to access whenever they want. The other broody has been less successful. She didn't settle onto her new eggs in the house we gave her for her confinement, and whenever I let her off the nest for food, she didn't seem very keen to go back onto it. Luckily, I had another broody hen, a Buff Sussex, so she has been put on the eggs and the unsettled one, a Barnvelder, has been put back into the run with the main flock. She will have to go off the idea of being broody if she isn't going to do the job properly! So, all in all, there were 24 eggs under the broodies - there are now about 22, although I haven't been able to count them all, but I know that at least two have been broken. Fingers crossed that we get about 15-18 to hatch successfully in three weeks' time.

The Buff Orpington chicks are fine and happy. At the moment, they are living in the utility room under the lamp. They are eating, drinking and sleeping, so that is all I can ask, really!

The wanderers are back from their cruise around the Baltic states and Russia today, so we will have to give them a ring tonight and catch up on their news. I am looking forward to seeing their photos, and may share some if there are any good ones.

Gardening outside is on hold at the moment due to the weather. I have been doing a bit in the greenhouse, but it is too cold, windy and wet to do a lot outside. Unfortunately, the bad weather doesn't stop the weeds growing, so there will be plenty to do when I do get out there again. My uncle brought us rhubarb, asparagus, lettuces and radishes last night - I have a recipe for a rhubarb cobbler from the Good Food magazine which I think I will try to adapt. It calls for several ingredients that I haven't got at home, but I think I can improvise! I also like the look of the Mennonite girls' pineapple pudding, so I will be adding that to my recipe notebook (see sidebar).

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