Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fen garden photos

Greenhouse shot - the lovely bright geraniums at the end, the just-pricked-out lettuces behind them, and some tiny sage plants there too. All growing well!

Sideways shot of the lettuce in the raised bed - conveniently placed right by the back door. Plot to plate in this instance is less than 15 feet! Can't do better than that....and the pea sticks in the background marking the lines of Feltham Earlies and Kelvedon Wonder peas - racing to see which makes it through first.

The autumn sown broad beans are developing well - looking forward to a nice piece of boiled bacon, new potatoes and broad beans in white sauce. I know that'll be ready by the end of July as it was the meal I had to put in the bin on the night of 25th July 1999 when the call came to get to the hospital for the transplant - I always think of that night when we have bacon and beans!

Tomato plants just potted up and growing on slowly. I still have more to pot up - maybe tomorrow I'll get around to that! My uncle is coming to lunch tomorrow so I know the garden will get an inspection.

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