Friday, 15 May 2009

A satisfying day

The coffee morning today at church raised £229 for the church funds, so I was very impressed with that. There was a good trickling of people coming through the doors all morning, and it was generally well supported - and I had a good chat with a couple of friends during the morning.

My visit to the optician went well, in that I will be getting a new pair of glasses - at significant expense, unfortunately - but there is an improvement in the clarity of my sight through the new lenses, so the cost is justified. I am also having new lenses put into my current pair, so that I will have a spare pair. And I have asked to try contact lenses - just for gymnastics. The kids have knocked my glasses off just one time too many lately, and it really hurts the bridge of my nose - I have seen stars a couple of times! So I am going back next Friday morning for another appointment to try them out. Fingers crossed - but it is going to be "well weird" as the EFG put it, to see my face without glasses as I have been wearing them for 22 years!

The rain continued this morning, so the garden is looking very well-watered, and there is talk of more to come. Not sure when I will get the heap of wet washing dry, but that is a small price to pay. Tomorrow I am going to get the Orpington eggs for the broodies so I am excited about that!

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