Saturday, 16 May 2009

New kids on the block

I went to pick up the Orpington eggs today, and had a bit of a palaver getting K to hear me bashing her front door down! Her lovely Newfoundlands and Retrievers weren't bounding around the garden as she was busy in the back kitchen, frying up some bacon, so no one heard me at the front. Consequently, the YFG and I nipped into Wisbech to Asda and then came back an hour later. They heard us that time! We picked up the eggs, and K asked if we would like these little cuties. They are Buff Orpington chicks, three weeks hatched, and living under a lamp.

Right now, they are in a big plastic box on the kitchen table, waiting for the FH to sort their lamp out, but they are fine and will be rehoused very shortly. I also have to rehouse the 3 broody mamas tonight, and give them their (hopefully) fertile eggs - and I must remember to mark the calendar for three weeks' time!

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