Monday, 11 May 2009

Another day in the garden

Dropped the YFG off at school, came home and checked emails and selling on ebay and then hit the garden. It has been a lovely day, windy but very sunny, so I have had a productive day in the vegetable patch again. The runner bean seeds I planted ages ago are not growing, so I have planted another batch, ditto with the french beans. Also sowed some onions and peas. At lunchtime, I had a break and went to the nursery again! Bought two cucumber plants, four strawberry plants to plug the gaps in the strawberry bed, five celery plants, another load of lettuces, some Romanesco cauliflower, and some sage plants. There were four "plugs" of sage, but I have potted them up and made eight plants, as there were a lot of seedlings in each plug.

After school, I took the girls to town, for band practice and a shopping trip. I left them at band and went to Focus, where I needed to buy some plant labels (we don't eat enough lollies here to use the sticks!) and a packet of sweet peas. I also had to get the YFG a new swimming cossie as she is going to go swimming with the school for about 8 weeks, starting tomorrow. She's nearly 10 so I got the 10-11 size, but it is too short in the body. So that will have to go back and hopefully they do some nice ones in 11-12. Came home, cooked sweet and sour chicken with rice, washed up, shut up all the quail and hens, etc and am just about ready to go to bed!

Have finished my first knitted square!!!!!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Well done on the square :o)
I am still battling my way through a chuknky rib cardi I started for a small,I have decided the other wont get the same pattern lol its far too fiddly for limited time knitters such as I lol!
GTM x xx
am giggling at the word verifcation!
its dedededi! sing after me!