Wednesday, 13 May 2009

And another.......

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I had to do more gardening! It was windy, as forecast, but the sun was shining and it was glorious. I started off in the greenhouse until the sun really got up, potting up the cucumbers that I bought on Monday, and sowing some sweet pea seeds, and some other bits and bobs. Then I came out and hit the weeds, hard! One whole bed got weeded and readied for planting, and another got tidied up again. That leaves just one bed to be prepared, but there is no rush for that one as the beans are not up yet. I also finished sowing peas straight into the ground - the FH has made me more pea sticks to criss cross over the rows in an attempt to keep the birds off the young seedlings as they emerge.

All this gardening is good for the garden, but it hasn't done the house any good as I haven't had the time to keep up with the housework, but I guess I can do that when it rains! I also got two loads of washing dry in the winds yesterday, so there is a little heap of ironing to do as well. Today therefore really needs to be an "indoor" day, and reading Rhonda Jean's post about baking this morning has also nudged me into thinking that perhaps I should make some more biscuits for the troops.

Going back to the beginning of the month, and my "no-spending" month, I have to report that I have unfortunately spent the budget already several times over. We are only at the 13th of the month, but the FH being ill from the 19th April has really hit me hard in the pocket. Naturally, when someone is ill, there are things which need to be purchased that I don't always keep in the house - he wanted lemonade and other drinks which I don't usually keep in the house, then I was told to give him soup, I had to get more cleaning cloths and disinfectants to clean the bathrooms thoroughly on a daily basis (I clean them regularly normally but not daily!) and then there was the problem of me just not having time to do all the things that I would usually do as I was running about up and down looking after him, so there were a few more basic purchases - I haven't made bread for weeks, baking in general has slid to a halt, and I have been more weak-willed with the children's "asks" as I have been so tired! Having to nip into the supermarket as the FH has fancied x or y has meant that I have seen z on offer and bought it too - so that hasn't helped! The freezer is jam-packed with meat, I have enough washing detergent for about six months, and we shouldn't need another jar of lemon curd this side of Christmas, so there is hope!

I have recognised what was happening, and I am regaining control of the situation! I have made changes in the house to take account of the problems - the FH's constant waking through the night and TV watching were disturbing my sleep, so I have temporarily moved in to the spare room until he feels better, and able to sleep through the night again. That has improved the way I feel during the day, and makes me better able to cope with the work. I have also looked more closely at the things I "ought" to be doing in a day - and like this week, I have told myself that the weather dictates that the gardening must be done now, so that is what I have concentrated on, and to hang with the hoovering - it's not going anywhere! And, strangely, I have stopped using the dishwasher as I HATE unloading it. I can't get anyone to do it for me without moaning, so I have reverted to washing up by hand a couple of times a day, and I am enjoying that more.

Today I have to do the housework, a bit of baking and some ironing. At some time, I have to process a book order for a local school, hopefully before 3pm. After picking up the YFG at 3, we have to go and get the EFG and get her to the optician's for 4pm, and then there is a school board meeting at 6.30 so tea is going to be a casserole to be eaten in between. After that, knitting will probably be all I want to do!

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