Thursday, 7 May 2009

Yay - we have chicks!

Just dashing this off before I have to go and pick up the YFG from school, and will be back later, BUT there are chicks! I have seen two tiny black and yellow heads poking up from between the wings of the lovely mama bantam. I am so pleased and excited - I will be hovering around her pen now until she brings them out so that we can see exactly how many there are and how healthy they are looking. May have to wait for that until tomorrow....


Greentwinsmummy said...

I am so envious!! well done mama bantam! I cant wait for some pictures :o)
ps I have a giveaway f you want to scroll back a couple of posts on my blog x

Morgan said...

Have borrowed my lovely neighbour's camera so as soon as the bantam (Leah) obliges, there will be photos!

Will have a look and see if I can think of anything to write for your giveaway! Thanks.


Mount Belly Mama said...

We just got our first batch of chickens ever 10 weeks ago. I am looking forward to having mama chickens!!!