Saturday, 23 May 2009

How does the garden grow?

No bells here, but there were some pretty maids eating lollipops today as the weather has been so warm. The girls were sitting out on the trampoline and then had a big bouncing session once the lollies had settled.

I have had some success with the gardening: I potted up some tomato plants - I now have Tumbling Toms (cherry), Marmande (large), Pomodoro (Italian plum) and Sub Arctic Plenty (normal!) varieties all potted up and growing to the next stage. In a couple of weeks, I am hoping that they will be sturdy enough to put outside in the troughs in the sun. I also sowed some more seeds for rosemary, cucumber and cape gooseberry. They all need to be warmer so they are in a covered seed tray on the kitchen windowsill. The peas didn't get the string over them yet, and the strawberries haven't been netted yet either, but I did spend another 45 minutes weeding them.

I wore the contact lenses for two and a half hours when we got home this afternoon, and getting them out was much easier as I went to Boots and bought a magnifying mirror which stands at just the right height so I could see what I was doing much more easily. I have three pairs left now, so keeping one for the day of the appointment means that there are just two more occasions on which I can try them this week - possibly Monday and then next weekend. I want to spread the sessions out a little and not do them all at once. Being new to this, I am not really sure how long it will take my eyes to get used to it - and I am finding that looking at my face without glasses is taking a lot of getting used to!!

We have the week off from gym so I am planning to get a lot of the paperwork done for the exam this week, as well as the lesson plans for the next couple of weeks.

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