Sunday, 10 May 2009

Plodding along nicely

Yes, it has been another steady Sunday, just the kind I like. The girls slept the night in the tent, until I woke them at 7.45am. The sun was already getting warm and the promise of a beautiful day was already obvious. I hung the load of white washing out whilst they were coming round and then we had some breakfast. They ate sitting outside and really made the most of the outside today.

The social evening at church last night was successful, raising £100 for the church funds. There were some cakes left over so the congregation enjoyed them with tea and coffee this morning. The attendance at church is improving slowly, and it is lovely to welcome new people into the church. This morning's service was about the fruit of the vine, and the "bad" branches being cut away. It gave us all plenty to think about.

After church, I got changed and started on the garden, weeding, potting up tomatoes and pricking out lettuce plants. The FH has been pottering a little as much as he feels like, and has been helping a little bit. The YFG made macaroni cheese from scratch for lunch, and made a good job. She will happily follow a recipe, and doesn't like too much help! This afternoon, I continued weeding, planted some broad beans out, and cut the front lawn. We have had a lovely roast dinner tonight, and I have finished the ironing...and there was a spare half hour to sit and knit too. It feels like one of those days when I have had a lot to do, and managed it all. Yet, I plodded through and didn't feel overwhelmed.

I have arranged to pick up the Orpington eggs next weekend, so that gives me this week to sort out the accommodation, as some of the houses need cleaning out, and two of them need some slight modifications to the way the doors open. The chicks are hale and hearty today - I sat and watched them whilst enjoying a cuppa and a rest from the weeding. It is just so relaxing to just watch them!

The YFG went out for the afternoon to play with a neighbour's child; they are both in the same class at school, and enjoy playing together at home too. Most often they are on our trampoline but today they were in the other girl's garden with her little sister too - it was weird to be able to hear the YFG playing but in another garden - our gardens back on to one another!

The EFG will be returning to school again tomorrow. She had to have Thursday and Friday at home as I had to take her to the Out of hours GP at the hospital on Wedensday night. She was quite poorly with a high temperature, headache, etc so the doctor diagnosed a flu-like illness and told me to keep her at home until tomorrow. She is concerned about the amount of work she has to catch up on but I spoke to the welfare lady for her year on Thursday and asked for as much help as possible for her to catch up. It won't have done her attendance figures any good but she is so rarely ill, and it just can't be helped. I am hoping that she will be healthy for the rest of the term now!

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