Friday, 8 May 2009

Photos of chicks as promised

Leah brought them out this morning. There are just the two of them, as the other eggs were either not fertile in the first place or the jiggling about through the post didn't do them any good. Either way, we have two lovely bantam chicks - they are Silver Wyandotte chicks, which is a breed we have never had before, so that is another first in the Fen garden.

The blurry line through some of the pictures is the wire netting of the pen, so I apologise!

They are just beginning to get the idea of eating the chick crumbs here, with a good deal of help from Leah. It is her first time as a mother, so I think she is doing a good job so far. She is typically fiercely protective of them.

Above is probably the best shot of the pair of them - still a little blurry - funny, they will keep moving!

And this last one was Leah in the nest with them.

Hope you like them - I borrowed the camera from my neighbour as mine is on a cruise in the Baltics, so I will borrow it again next Friday and take some more.

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