Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Anticipation in the air

Yes, tomorrow may be hatching day for the bantam and her chicks. We have everything crossed that she manages to bring off at least a couple of chicks from the clutch of six eggs.

Yesterday was another day of nursing and chores around the house. All these things just have to be done each day, and there is some comfort in the routines. I got a lot of washing done, although there is still more to hang out this morning. I have found a couple of new customers for eggs, and the FH has asked for egg custard today, so I will get that made soon - and it will use up maybe half a dozen eggs too. I think that I may pop a cake in the oven whilst I am at it, as the YFG was bemoaning the lack of cake in the past couple of weeks.

The rain has been and gone - and to be honest, the ground doesn't seem to have benefitted very much at all. My uncle has advised putting a straw mulch around the strawberries, partly to keep the fruit clean and off the soil, but also to conserve moisture in the soil.

The EFG was back at school yesterday after her week at home last week - and has come home with a disconcerting rumour that a girl in Y9 will be returning to school today, fresh from a holiday in Mexico. Whether that is true or not, I will have to wait and see. I am beginning to think that perhaps people coming back from affected areas should stay home for a few days to make sure that they don't develop any symptoms before they mix with the world at large, and especially in a close environment like a school. According to the BBC map, there aren't any cases in East Anglia yet, and I was hoping that it would stay that way!

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