Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pottering along

Today has been a good day where I have had a lot to do and got most of it done! Started with a trip to Ridgeons (local builder's merchant) where I picked up some wood and other bits and pieces for the FH, who still can't go too far from a loo, then it was gymnastics for the rest of the morning. We popped to the shops afterwards for odd items like apples, walnut pieces and turkey legs, then came home. This afternoon has been spent in the garden, cutting the lawn, strimming the edges, talking over cups of tea, etc - all in a very pleasant manner. The YFG has been busily playing with her friend on her new Street Gliders, and then they have done their homework together....hope they didn't make too many mistakes at it! Now I am considering another heap of ironing - but I may keep considering and leave it to rest another night...

I am looking forward to having Monday "off" from the routines of the school run and clock watching, but on the other hand it is reassuring to know that I will have the regular things to do with the chickens, quail and rabbits - some routines are comforting, but some are intrusive. Roll on the summer holidays, I say!

Thanks for the good wishes about our health - with me it is just an overwhelming tiredness which I can't get over yet, and the girls are both well and healthy now, thanks. If we could get the FH sorted, we'd be laughing. I think that the doctor will look at the test results next week and maybe something will improve. Let's hope so.

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