Monday, 4 May 2009

Rain at last!

Yes - we should have known that the rain would come today on the Bank Holiday. It held off most of the day, but it is a steady rain now, and I am hoping that it will continue into the night, as the ground really needs it!

I am becoming overwhelmed with eggs now; there are about 4 and a half trays of them sitting in the cool of the utility room. I looked into using waterglass to preserve some of them, but having read a report about an experiment, it seems that refrigeration will keep them fresher more reliably for up to about 6 months which seems amazing! Maybe it is time to look for a cheap secondhand fridge and just keep them in there. I remember my grandmother using waterglass but it was a long time ago and no one seems to know much about doing it these days, much less where to buy the chemical, sodium silicate, to do it!

The YFG has been on a 20 mile bike ride with her friend, T, and T's family. It took them about 4 hours, with a stop for lunch in a park, so that was quite good going, considering that the youngest member of the party was a seven-year old. The EFG and I have done a few jobs around the house and had to go on a shopping trip; the FH is still ill. I decided that some probiotic drink might do him some good, and he wanted some treacle tart. Normally, I would have made some, but there just isn't time at the moment. He has had a sliver of it for tea tonight as he says that he isn't really hungry but just wants a taste of something nice.

The shopping trip was also to get some wool as the FGs decided that they wanted to see if they could still knit - they learned many moons ago, and wanted to have another go. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten all they knew, but they are slowly getting the hang of it, with some teething troubles - the YFG keeps increasing her stitches quite dramatically, and the EFG is keeping hers much too tight, to the stage that there was just nothing I could do with it at one stage and we had to undo it. Practice makes perfect and all that, so we will be doing plenty of practising. I haven't knitted anything seriously since I knitted a cardigan whilst pregnant with the YFG. I was very into knitting back then, and knitted vests for the EFG whilst pregnant, and made a couple of cardigans as well. I'd love to get back into it - one day, I will! I have a project to finish, if nothing else: I began a jumper for myself when I was about 16. I have the back done, and the sleeves, but the front has been half-done for too long! Luckily it was a classic rather than a fashionable design, so it'll be good to wear when I do get there.....

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