Friday, 12 December 2014

The end of the week

I have some sympathy with people who say, "Thank goodness it's Friday!" now that I am working for a company and get the weekend off, but actually, I usually have to wait until Sunday afternoon for that relief of knowing that I am f-r-e-e!  What with gymnastics and church services, the "weekend" sometimes doesn't start for me until 11.30am on Sunday....

So I am really looking forward to the 23rd December.  Work will be completed until the 2nd January, there will be no school to think about again until the 5th, and the gymnastics does not resume until the 6th. No services to take over the festive period this year, either. That's almost two weeks of 
f-r-e-e-d-o-m in one respect or another.  

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I have some new books to read, and we have plenty of firewood, the cupboards are well stocked, and I am hoping for some time to relax, watch cheesy films on the telly and put my feet up!  I'm looking forward to going out and about a little with the girls, as I am sure that perhaps a trip to the cinema might be on the cards, and there may be some visiting of relatives to be done too.  We'll be hosting the gathering on Boxing Day too which will be very relaxed and informal, sitting around by the fire, chatting and doing the Christmas jigsaw together, and munching a little too!  I will be attending some church services and enjoying worship without responsibility for making sure it all comes together.

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I'm sorting Christmas out one step at a time. The cards have started to arrive, so I need to write a few for some older people, but those friends with whom we can connect on the internet have been told that we won't be sending out many cards this year, because I just can't face sitting here and writing a whole heap of cards with only three names on them......The YFG will be putting one of the trees up this weekend, and she has promised to leave one for the EFG to organise when she gets home. The main items of food are in the stores, and the presents are just about all wrapped.  It's going to be quiet, not too big and bold, but it will be OK.  It will be another achievement to have had our first Christmas without the FH: there might be a few tears now and again, but we are getting there.


Meanqueen said...

You have painted a very cosy picture of your house at Christmas. Sounds lovely. All the preps will be worth it.

Cheapchick said...

Christmas is a tough time for anyone who has lost someone - but you have each other to get you through. You seem to be doing very well and hopefully you all will still have a lovely Christmas