Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Half way to the weekend

Well, almost halfway!  This week has dragged already as we are looking forward to the EFG  coming home TOMORROW - I love that!  She has been away for all those long weeks, and she will be HERE tomorrow evening - can't wait!  She's got her last exam this afternoon, and she'll be boarding one of these beauties around 2pm on Thursday.

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Work has had a bit of a lift in that I haven't had any miserable customers ranting at me this week, yet!  I have taken on board what you all said about people being tired and worn out and worried at this time of year, and I know that they are not being personal in their comments, that their anger or distress is aimed at the particular dealership I am calling about.  I know these things, and I am working hard at not taking offence.

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The holiday calendar opens for me on 6th January when I can request my holiday times for 2015, and I am definitely going to request the three days before the company closes down for Christmas next year so that I get two weeks off - more time with the girls and a little more time to wind down and prepare.........I'm thinking ahead!

And I have another Sainsbury's order coming tonight.  The car is in the garage today getting serviced, and I knew that the fresh fruit and veg and fridge supplies were getting low, so I booked another £1 slot and the stocks are coming tonight.  I was disappointed that the voucher for £6 off when I spent £40 which came with the receipt for the last delivery was not usable online, so I rang up to complain - after all, why send out a store-only coupon to someone who has had an online delivery made? It didn't make a lot of sense, and it had today's date on it too, so limited time for me to get to a store.  I rang customer services to moan about it, and the good chap there took care of the order and gave me £6 off the bill, which pleased me no end!  Just goes to show what you can achieve by giving a company your opinion.

I have also ordered another Calor gas bottle to be delivered today.  The company I ordered it from are holding their prices from last July [2013!] and so it is costing me just £52.30 delivered for a 47kg bottle, whereas the local garage where I used to get it is still charging £75 for the bottle and £5 to deliver!  Whoops - I think they are possibly losing some business.

So some dosh is being released from captivity today - but not in an uncontrolled manner.  Spending is thought out, measured and considered, as usual.  I can't have an empty fridge when I know that there will be three of us to feed for a month, and we definitely don't want to run out of gas when we are steaming our veg on Christmas day!

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