Saturday, 27 December 2014

A more normal day today

We had a lovely day on Boxing Day with relatives coming to see us.  UJ was here from late morning and enjoyed a traditional-for-us Boxing Day lunch of cold meat, baked potatoes and chutneys with some veg, followed by the Christmas Pudding and brandy butter a wee while later.

About 3pm, we were joined by the FH's cousin and his wife and son from Peterborough.  They usually come on Boxing Day, and we had a lively time!  There was lots of chatting, work on the Christmas jigsaw, which is sadly lacking the FH's expertise this year - I had only just managed the outside border before the support cavalry arrived, but it is looking better now. I may get it done by Easter!

We had tea together, games were played and lots of relaxing by the fire was enjoyed by all of us!

Today, we are having a quieter day at home, and we all want to get some sorting out done: the EFG has decided that her room needs going over, there is ironing in the basket to be done, and the fridge needs to be sorted out and the leftovers made into meals for today.

We are going to my sister's for lunch tomorrow, and then we will have a few more days before the New Year's festivities - there are plans for cinema and shopping trips being suggested, and the girls have friends that they want to catch up with too.  A quiet day in the midst of all of this is very welcome - I'm off to get out the ironing board and find a film to watch whilst I iron!


magsmcc said...

Oh irong. Yes indeed! We are still working through the suns' new dvds!

Bridget said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day.
Blah, ironing, my job for tomorrow morning! Deep joy!