Wednesday, 10 December 2014

If I am not here...and Aldi!

I must be somewhere!  Yes, real life gets the better of me occasionally and blogging slips down the list of priorities.  Today has been one of those days.

I have been doing Faith and Worship, doing laundry, working on the phone, chatting to UJ, cleaning out the chooks with his help, keeping the fire stoked all day, weeding a veg bed, cutting back raspberry canes, and chopping back lavender bushes, more work, prepping the tea, more work, eating the tea, receiving and unloading a Sainsbury's delivery, more Faith and Worship, watching an episode of "House" on Netflix with the YFG, and popping in here at last.

I've enjoyed being outside in the fresh air - I have also enjoyed not going anywhere at all today.  A whole day at home with nowhere else to go has been a joy!  I have had plenty to do, but the sheer relief of not having to go to meetings, pick the YFG up from anywhere, or be somewhere for something has just been great! More days like this please!!

I'd like to say that it was a no-spend day, but we had the delivery from Sainsbugs.  That was interesting - we ended up with frozen spinach instead of kale, and a bag of posh frozen roast potatoes with goose fat which we didn't order, and they haven't charged us for either.....they will come in handy at some point, I am sure.  Since they substituted some more expensive tinsel than I had ordered, I won't worry about the potatoes too much.  The chap was here early, which was great, but he had come from a shop over 30 miles away, which was unexpected, as they used to deliver from a more local store.  They gave me a £6 off when I spend £40 voucher for next week, though, which I can use in store.

I have seen on Facebook tonight that the Aldi voucher will be in the papers this week. Thursday 11th December.... But it is for £15 off a £75 shop, which seems a challenge for me!  It is not long since the last voucher, It is great for some people, and those who can really stock up, to take advantage, and there are rumours that the voucher will be valid until 23rd December.....we'll have to see tomorrow - let us know if you get one?  I shall see how long it really is valid for, and I might get one if the rumours are true.

Take care of yourselves in this cold and windy weather we are having - the EFG says it is getting very chilly in Aberdeen!


veeknits19 said...

Wow, you have been really busy. Good to get some of the outdoor jobs ticked off the list. Hope you have more days where you can be at home without jaunting off here, there and everywhere. Like you I relish the occasional days at home. Vee x

Helen Graham said...

You have been busy. I didn't bother with the Aldi voucher either. I've already done most of my Xmas shopping in Morrisons to use the savings stamps I had with them and my freezer is overflowing so there's not enough I need to make up a £75 shop.

Susan said...

I have just found you through your comment on Living Rich on the Cheap. Do you have a follow by email?