Friday, 5 December 2014

Goggles update

Friends - I gave up!

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I took the glasses and went to the optician on Tuesday and explained the problems that I was having with the varifocal lenses in the new glasses.

He looked at them.  He tweaked things.  We talked.

He's going to put the distance lenses in the new frames, and then he will use the existing frames that I am still wearing, and make a pair of "reading" glasses for me.

There was no way that I was spending all that dosh on a pair of glasses which I couldn't use, so something had to be done.  

I tried with them really hard, but when I was developing headaches after about two and a half hours, and struggling to see what I was doing when I was working, I knew that in reality, this arrangement was not going to work for me.

I may have to try again in a few years, but for now, I am happy that I have made the right decision.  Just looking forward to getting it all straightened out and the new glasses back again!


SusanM said...

I wasn't going to put you off but I don't like my varifocals - too late to take them back now - but next time I'm getting distance and reading glasses. The other problem with the granny goggles is that if one part of your prescription changes eg just the close up work, you have to spend a fortune to change the glasses.

Jackie said...

Nearly every person I know who has tried verifocals has has the same problems, and outcome, as you.

And yet the opticians continue to push these as the next best thing. And as your other commentor said, they're not cheap!!

Dc said...

I gave up as well, would never try them again. I am lucky that both my eyes are 'ageing' at the same rate so I can just buy the cheap glasses in two different strengths for two different tasks.

Caz said...

My optician talked me into varifocals too, when I'd asked for bifocals. She said they would change them, no charge, if I didn't like them, which they did later that week when I returned them.Made me feel wobbly and sick.

Helen Graham said...

I've had about 3 pairs of varifocals and always find it takes a while to get used to a new pair even though I go for the most expensive but one lenses. This time, though, it really has taken ages. I got them in July and have only now started wearing them every day. It was suggested I might like to have reading glasses too and I was thinking I should have gone with that, but I'm now adapting to these new lenses and doing okay.

Morgan said...

Very glad to hear that they are working for you, Helen! There is hope, lol! xxx

Jean Fleming-Kehler said...

Hi I have varifocals that I tend to use just the distance part. Then I have another pair that is mid-range that is wonderful for computer work and some bits of reading. Then I have three pairs of reading glasses all different strengths that I use for reading, sewing and embroidery type work. I had a reaction to some meds that made my eyes stay closed so to keep them working normally I have Botox shots around each eye. With that glasses are annoying and so for me it works. I notice though in my group of stitchers they all do pretty much the same. I also have a distance pair of sunglasses. We all do what we need to do. Glad this will work for you. Love reading your blog.

Scarlet said...

I did exactly the same, and have been using 2 pairs of glasses since my first cataract surgery 6 years ago. I just swap glasses according to what I'm doing, though now that I no longer have a car I don't really need to wear the distance pair. At least I'll never 'need' new glasses ever again - the lens implants mean my prescription will never change - which is a blessing.