Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Another busy day over and some achievements to celebrate - sending another unit assignment of Faith and Worship to the local tutor this afternoon, the last governors' meeting of the term, and heading towards the end of the term at gymnastics - and looking forward to the EFG coming home next week!  NEXT WEEK!  I can't believe it......

The housework is suffering terribly, and things seem to be worn straight out of the ironing basket occasionally, but things are getting done in other areas, which is a blessing.  I have a meeting with the tutor on Thursday and I hope to get a little more done before I see her - there's nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind.

The YFG and I went to Lidl's last night after an appointment and bought ourselves some of their delicious, and gluten-free, meatballs which we have had for supper tonight - and they are very filling! The appointment last night was for the YFG's chiropody - the lovely podiatrist spent about 45 minutes with us, sorting out the toe nails and cutting them extremely short.  I wouldn't want to do her job for love nor money, so I am grateful that there are people like her who choose to make it their career.  £37 lighter, we emerged and the YFG says that her feet do feel better - thank goodness! Let's hope we can manage her toes now that we have had a lesson.....I was taking notes, mentally.

Nose back to the grindstone - the next unit assignment I need to do is about the Passion of Christ - rather unseasonal for this time of year, but needs must!

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Cheapchick said...

Tis the season for letting the housework wait :) More important things to do. Cheers