Thursday, 11 December 2014

An Aldi idea

Well, the Aldi update is that the voucher is indeed valid for the period between today and Christmas Eve, so we do have plenty of time to consider what we want to buy.

Some people on the Aldi Facebook page were wondering how they would gather £75 worth of goods into their trolleys because they haven't ever managed to spend that much in Aldi before.  One suggestion was to buy what we need ourselves, and then, if we are not too far from the total, we could buy some food to donate to a local food bank - and I thought that was a lovely idea and one that would benefit a lot of folk.

I'll certainly bear it in mind if we do go to Aldi in the run up to Christmas - I bought a paper just in case!

One week to go until the EFG is home - next Thursday night she will be here with me by the fire, and I am really looking forward to it.  The next Thursday will be Christmas, the one after that will be New Year, and then it will all be over!  We build up to this all with such expectations that it seems, especially for the little ones, that Christmas takes for ever to arrive, but actually, there are 24 hours in every day, whether it is Christmas or not, and so the time will pass at the same speed!  I'm not wishing the time away, and indeed, I shall be trying to spin it out as long as I can when the girls are both at home and I am not at w*rk.  That is not a nice word at the moment - I have had more than my fair share of disgruntled customers in the past two days and I am not terribly chuffed about it...

Keep safe in the wild and windy weather we are looking at tonight on the news - wind, snow, gales, rain, it is all coming our way tonight!


SusanM said...

Don't let the grumpy customers put you off your job. Rotten weather, too many colds and bugs, pressure of Christmas etc is making lots of folk feel grumpy. It will pass. Very cold and icy up here in NE Scotland. It will be lovely to have your daughter home for a while. How is she coping with her first winter in the north?

Morgan said...

Thanks, SusanM. She has bought more jumpers and is knitting herself a new hat! She does remind us regularly just how cold it is "up there" and is looking forward to coming home to the fire. It didn't help that the boilers had to be shut down for several hours at her residence for some maintenance work this week - and she is on a reading week so spending more time than usual in her room!

Sue said...

It is such a huge build up to Christmas these days isn't it, and then it's all over in a flash. It will be lovely to have your family all around you for Christmas AND time off work too. :-)