Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A challenge for myself

I have been reading Elaine's blog at Mortgage Free in Three for some time now, and she is always sensible and inspirational!  This weekend, she has been sharing some videos from Jack Black of Mindstore. I watched the first two and got inspired to have a thorough chuck out!  

I challenged myself and thought it would be a good aim to clear 1000 items out of the house in 2015.

I think I shall be re-negotiating that target with myself very shortly as I started only yesterday with my bedroom, and already 178 things have new destinations - the hallway looks like a left-luggage area with bags ready to be packed in to the car for taking to the charity shops, to the dump and to friends who I know will appreciate odd items, like the FH's Bond DVDs which are going to a wee friend who used to like to borrow them!

(image from visitingeu.com)

Twelve more items added to the pile this morning, so I think I may have to go for the 1000 items by the end of January!

I talked to the YFG about this and we agreed that the overall target is that there are 1000 fewer items in the house by the end of the challenge, so for every non-consumable item that comes in, two have to go out.  Makes me think harder!

My bedroom is transformed already - and I love it!


rabbitquilter said...

I shall be interested to hear how you go with this challenge!! I did de-clutter quite abit during the year, but I need to do more, but I am too sentimental!! How do I get over that hurdle?!! My get up and go is returning!! Yay!! XXX

Sue said...

Good luck with your challenge, it's very empowering to declutter isn't it :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

Good plan!

SusanM said...

I've had a major clear out!! Several bags to the clothing bank, several bags to a family in the village with our son's outgrown clothes, and several bags to the charity shop. Also, I've destroyed lots of paperwork. And there's still a lot of clearing out to do. While we were having financial struggles, we tended to hoard things 'just in case' something needed replacing and we couldn't afford it. But things are a bit easier now and we can get rid of some of our things. I don't like being surrounded by clutter and am looking forward to having a further clear out after the school holidays x

Jean Fleming-Kehler said...

I have started this also. Was aiming for 365 items and like you am close to 200 already that came from one bedroom, and the linen closet. Think I will challenge myself to the 1000 goal. Still have all my husbands stuff from the garage so should be easy Peasey. Happy New Year to you and the girls.