Thursday, 4 December 2014

Keeping busy

This is one of those weeks where if something isn't on a list or on the calendar, it won't get done!

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Monday night was a church meeting, Tuesday was gymnastics and a school govenors' meeting, and then yesterday morning I was back at school for an 8.30am meeting......thank goodness for no meetings today!  There was another church meeting last night but I couldn't manage that because of the timing and where it was situated, so I sent apologies for that one.

We've cancelled the YFG's piano lesson today because she has exam revision to get done for end of module exams this week and next.

There's still work and living to do in between all this too.  UJ was here and has helped me clean out the chooks yesterday afternoon - I need an extra pair of hands to hold open the chook-house roof whilst I clean it out, so it is a two person job, and the YFG is not here in daylight during the week!

Today and Friday I shall be preparing for a family fun Christmas event at the chapel on Saturday afternoon, and then prepping the service for Sunday morning too.  

Next week is looking a little less frazzled.  Gymnastics will end on the 13th until some time in January, so that will free up a little more time too.  

Time - what a precious commodity!  I had half an hour in a hot bath with a book to read last night and just relaxed, as I could feel that if I didn't take a break, I would be getting a little frazzled.  Lists are also very helpful at this time [no, ALL the time!] and I find it incredibly satisfying to cross things off as they are done.  It all helps!


veeknits19 said...

Yes, lists work so well - at least you can see that things are getting done, even when the tasks to be done are piling up. That's my theory anyway, and lists do keep me organised and help with time management. Glad you are making time to relax and look after yourself a little, I think of the airline advice to put your own oxygen mask on first, then you are able to think of others. It's so easy to dismiss our own needs & wellbeing & just press on with all the jobs to be done. Good luck with the continuing busy time, Vee xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

and I thought I was busy!
I'm glad you found time for a half hour off