Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Voucher alert

I have checked the Aldi Facebook page and it has just been posted about an hour ago that there will be a £5 off a £45 spend voucher in the Daily Mirror & Record this week on Thursday.

They seem to be varying the amount we have to spend - I am sure last month's was off £40 but it has been off £45 a lot of the time.  

I don't think I will be taking up the offer this month, as we are pretty well stocked up, and I have a Tesco delivery coming in the morning.  When they offer you £15 off a £60 shop [which amounts to a 25% discount, surely] I don't mind spending £1 to have it delivered.  The diesel to go to the store would cost me more than that!

I do hope that the Aldi voucher info is of use to some people - I'll be looking out for it next month, I'm sure.


The Saver Of Suburbia said...

There are so many offers about. You really have to have your wits about you and look at the percentage saving.Will look out for the Aldi voucher-thanks : )

SusanM said...

Thank you for this! Last month was £5 off £40. Pay day on Friday so will do a stock up. Boiler work about to be carried out and the cost is eye watering so every penny is going to be needed. The shower is needing repaired too (shower head currently being held in place with an elastic band). The Dyson broke down but they sent me the spare parts under the 5 year guarantee. The iron broke down but my neighbour is an electrician and talked me through how to repair it and supplied a new cable. How was the school trip yesterday?

ciao said...

Will buy the Mirror tomorrow I've been checking the front page each morning at the newsagents so must have had a feeling it was due.... Hope you get a good nights sleep,
God Bless Margaret xx

Morgan said...

Hi Margaret - it seems to be the last Thursday of the month, usually - happy bargain hunting xxx

SusanM - the school trip was "okay" she said - Physics is not her favourite subject but she did see some interesting experiments :) You seem to be like me and having quite a few household expenses going on - good luck x

Lovely to see you here, Saver of Suburbia x