Sunday, 7 September 2014

The important things

The EFG sent me some photos of her room last night, and I have had a text exchange with her this morning, although we also had a long chat on the phone last night too!

She has a warm, safe space of her own.  Her bed looks cosy.  And do you see that pile of quilts on the end of the bed, right in the corner? That wee blue one on the top is one that I made for her as a pram quilt when she was a baby - and she has taken it with her for a tiny touch of home - I was touched to see that in the packing bags!

And my sister took her to Lidl's before she left, so she has a wee stash of food to be going on with!

Unfortunately, there is only a small fridge freezer to be shared between 5 people, and the rooms were previously for catered students, not self-catering, so there was not such a demand on the space.  Requests have been put in for a larger one, or an additional one, so they might end up with more room; the EFG is feeling like she needs to eat some of her fridge food quickly because she is taking up more than her share of the fridge space since they went shopping before they knew the size of the fridge!

I'm relieved that I have pictures of the room she is living in, and I have spoken with her at length.  She IS a wee bit lonely at the moment, but she hasn't had time to find many friends yet, only acquaintances, and I know from experience that once "normal" life starts on the 15th with lectures, labs, seminars etc, she will find it much better - this week always felt a bit weird to me, and I prefer the structure of the work!

Thanks for all your kind words and support!  We know we are not the only ones with a student just leaving home, and we are reassured that we will all be fine in the long run!  Hope you have a good Sunday - we have a baptism at chapel this morning so I am looking forward to that.


Angela said...

Back in my student days, the lack of fridge space meant that we had precarious plastic buckets of food suspended outside our windows in a vague attempt to keep things cool!! And woe betide anyone who knocked off the milk bottle carefully balanced on the sill! So glad all is going well for EFG

Morgan said...

@Ang - yes, I had forgotten that sort of thing, but I was in a catered hall with no cooking or chilling facilities provided at all, so if we bought ourselves yogurts and things like that, we hung them out of the windows in the winter, suspended from the window handle in Willie Low shopping bags! Those were the days!

Thanks for dropping in xxx

SusanM said...

This would explain something! When my son was at an orchestra rehearsal at Johnson Hall in Aberdeen a couple of years ago, we were waiting in the car park and couldn't understand why there were lots of Sainsbury's carrier bags hanging outside windows!

Morgan said...

@SusanM - yep - so many Sainsbury's in Aberdeen that I am not surprised at a sea of orange bags hanging from the windows!

Bridget said...

How thoughtful is your daughter getting in touch and sending pics of her room. I hope mine will be as thoughtful when she goes! It'll be really lovely to follow her journey.

helen said...

Hi, I have a daughter in 3rd year at Aberdeen Uni, she'd be willing to befriend your daughter, not sure how to PM you her details, her name is Lydia and she goes to CU.
ps I have been praying for you all.

Morgan said...

@Helen - that is very kind. If you would like to send me another comment with your email address, I won't publish it, but I will get in touch that way. I won't be offended if you don't want to do that, though. It would be good to chat with another Aberdeen mum even if the kids don't end up getting together!

Sue said...

It is indeed very reassuring to read about others with student children striking out on their own.